The Calendar Box

January 6, 2005Today is boxed
One rectangle of time
Empty, unplanned.
Oh, there are plans—
But I don’t control how events play themselves out.
People, doorbell, phone, emails, events, needs—
They all factor in to how this day gets written.
Don’t take it for granted.
Stop time, look, notice, feel and embrace the universe.
Cloak myself in His Spirit.
At the end of this day, God will write in His journal: I did good today.
Did I cooperate with His plan?
Did I write outside the lines?      

On Journaling

Set a guard, O LORD, over my mouth;
Keep watch over the door of my lips (Psalm 141:3 NASB).

Beautiful young woman covering her mouth with hand. Isolated.

Who will read these pages when I’m dead and gone? Who will care? My family? A friend or two? Who will have access to them? Anyone? I know of one fellow journaler who lost her life’s words in a house fire. How would I feel about that?

Radio Pastor Donald Cole says that, unless you are a Billy Graham, your sphere of influence will only be toward a handful of people. That’s true, but the ripple effect and exponential possibilities make it imperative for us to be faithful in our spheres of influence.

Should I destroy some of my journals? Blot out any offensive thoughts? If I cannot be honest in my writing, I cannot be honest with myself.

Lord, I can only pray that my words will not harm anyone. Please help me keep a watch over the door of my lips.