My Mother, My Inspiration

DIGITAL CAMERAIn honor of the 10th anniversary of my mother’s death (has it really been that long!), here’s a piece I wrote for Mothers’ Day, 2005. Though hard to tell here, the original poem was in the shape of a pink (her favorite color) dress. She never wore a pair of pants in her entire life, and her unbraided hair reached down to her waist. I still miss her. For those who knew her, what would you add?

Yarn-knitter          Baby-maker

Salt and pepper-collector / Go-getter

Potato masher-collector / Accordion-performer

Children-entertainer / Care package-sender

Needlepoint-sewer / Hospitality-offerer

Grandma-perfecter / Braille-endeavorer

Animal-intolerator / Laughter-infector

Home-maker / Hat-crocheter

Pie-server / Idea-getter






Sunday School-leader

Music-lover / Bangs-curler

Puzzle-doer / Pickle-canner

Dress-donner / Movie-nixer

Oyster-eater / Sugar-shunner

Word-repeater / Braid-wearer

Jump rope-tryer / Dune-climber

Husband-server / Hygiene-seeker

Reading-teacher / Chocolate-lover

Necklace-wearer / Eyesight-dimmer

Cake-decorator / Fresh bread-baker

Medicine-dispenser / Dr. Laura-listener

Cello-player / Pillow-sewer / People-pleaser

Dispensary-worker / Des Moines-originator

Piano-plinker / Mill-displayer / School-teacher

Book-reader / Stuffed-toy-creator / Example-doer