Quote—End Quote

If the only relationship I had with a person was through the written word, what conclusion would that person come to regarding my character? What I say matters; but what I put into writing matters even more, I think, because it becomes a permanent record for future generations. (Can I get on my Tweet, Facebook, and email soapbox?)

Some people collect stamps or knickknacks. I collect quotations–45 single-spaced pages of them to be exact–mostly from books and sermons. Each quote resonates with me in some way, either challenging my thinking, affirming my own beliefs and conclusions, or reminding me to press onward and upward toward the Light. The Blue Parakeet–Rethinking How You Read the Bible by Scot McKnight is one of those wait-a-minute, let-me-think-about-that kind of books. Here’s a quote that caught my attention.blue-and-yellow-parakeet_19-111962

Words on a page are not just little squiggles of information on paper. Written words are personal exchanges, personal deposits of a person. Our words come from the depth of our heart and soul, and they extend who we are. That is why we care what others think of what we say.

(The Blue Parakeet, by Scot McKnight)

Here’s a challenge: read back through your last  dozen Facebook posts. What values or character qualities do you notice about yourself? Is it okay with you if no one responded?

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