ToiletYears ago, Scott and I attended a concert at the Tivoli Theatre in Chattanooga. I don’t remember now which groups performed, but the lyrics from an old Gospel song stuck with me for a long time. The refrain was “I don’t have to . . . I get to.”

Here’s a sample from my own list:

  • I don’t have to cook meals for my family . . . I get to.
  • I don’t have to pray for people . . . I get to.
  • I don’t have to clean the toilets . . . I get to.
  • I don’t have to love my enemies . . . I get to.

Another good phrase to use is:  Isn’t it great that . . . ?

  • Isn’t it great that we have dirty dishes? It means we have food to eat.
  • Isn’t it great that my hair is frizzy today? It means I have hair!
  • Isn’t it great that it’s raining today? It means that the flowers are drinking.
  • Isn’t it great that I have a toilet to clean? It means I don’t have to squat over a hole in the ground (seriously)!

Now your turn . . . 

3 thoughts on “I DON’T HAVE TO . . . I GET TO

  1. My uncle used to use the phrase, “Isn’t it great that…” all the time.
    Isn’t it great we have clouds and rain at the Coast? It means we have green beauty all year round.
    I don’t have to fly to (wherever) … I get to go see my family member or friends there!
    I don’t have to read my Bible … I get to
    Isn’t it great we have music? It soothes, uplifts, settles, makes us dance … matches our moods.
    Isn’t it great we have summer? It makes winter bearable.


  2. It really is all about attitude. Our perspective rules how we well we will gain from our experiences. We are such creatures ruled by our feelings and in the heat of anger, we can do unimaginable things which proves all the more we must practice giving control to the Lord. Poor choices and decisions are a result of our being in control. Your examples of the different tasks that seem unpleasant or mundane prove that we have to have a governor on our attitude. Such a great reminder, as always, of those things we tend to forget to “notice” about our selves.

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  3. Love it Karen, especially the toilet one! Must try and remember this too when doing tasks like ironing. Isn’t it great to have clothes that need ironing and electric so that we can iron them!


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