But It’s Against the Rules!


RefereeThis may be a hot topic for some, but I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve changed my views on this subject over time. I’ve moved from dogmatically opposed to cautious acceptance to taking my hand off the lid of the box and letting God be God. I’ve come to realize that some rules are guidelines, not always absolutes.

  • The posted minimum speed limit on the freeway is 40.
    But in fog or heavy snow, it would be foolish to try to maintain that speed.
  • The rule stated that only priests were allowed to eat the holy showbread.
    When there was no other food available, King David ate some of the consecrated bread and was not condemned for his action.
  • The fourth commandment says to keep the Sabbath day holy.
    Jesus healed the sick and “harvested” grain on the Sabbath.
  • The norm was for male judges to rule over Israel.
    One of the 12 judges in the Bible was Deborah.

The norm is for male pastors to provide church leadership. Can there be exceptions without violating Paul’s instructions to Timothy?

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “But It’s Against the Rules!

  1. The last statement is a hard one. We’ve been taught that men are only ones who can “pastor”, preach or lead people spiritually, but what about the one obscure verse that talks about older women teaching younger women? I would think it would be along spiritual lines because it talks of the wisdom they can give to younger women and I don’t think it was all about how to cook and clean.

    We both know of a gal that has been used of the Lord to both men and women in the simplicity she shares about living, and walking the Lord. So many names of women who are teaching biblical principles, and the Lord is blessing the ministry they have. You, my friend, have been a ministry to 3 wonderful gals in your home and they are all serving the Lord. As Katie shared, she grew up in a home where she was taught to love Jesus…and that’s probably the greatest testament to all your achievements.

    So I think there are a great many exceptions to the question you posed.


  2. The priesthood of all believers is a freeing and wonderful doctrine. We are free to serve! It’s not about control. But some of the best speakers/preachers I know are women. So thankful to learn from all who love and follow Jesus.


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