Who’s in Your Driver’s Seat?

Drivers seat

Baby Benjamin and big brother Jackson

I have heard people use the metaphor that God should be in the driver seat of our lives—that God is in charge, and I can trust Him to drive this vessel anywhere He wants. But I’m not sure that’s accurate. If I were the passenger, I would have no say in where I go and what I do. He has given human beings a choice. I am actually behind the steering wheel. And so, though I am driving, His hands are on the wheel with me because He is inside me. When I fight against His direction, we begin to swerve and hit potholes and run off the road and wreck, but when I yield to His gentle pressure, He keeps me on the right path, going in the right direction. He can see up ahead where the detour signs are, where the roadblocks are. So I can trust Him when He suggests we take a break, find another route, or stop to help a fellow traveler. I cannot drive another person’s vessel for him/her (sometimes I wish I could!), but I can lend a hand with a flat tire or offer a snack or a drink of cool water to ease his/her discomfort.

Where do you see Jesus in your picture?

2 thoughts on “Who’s in Your Driver’s Seat?

  1. I think you have it just about right. I would say, I see Jesus beside me, Navigating. Every driver needs a navigator, someone who “has the map” (since GPS has been known to drive people up trees or into buildings), and knows the way better than I do. If I choose to not follow His directions, I could go through that Road Stoppage sign (saw some of those in Ethiopia) and sail us right off that big … high … cliff! Oops! So, yeah, I need His navigation.


  2. Really like this one, Karen! Prayed for you this morning. Love you! Esther

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