Gifts with Strings

Gifts 2

From my 2016 Journal. If I give a gift with strings attached, then I’m still holding the gift—I have not really given it away. But if I give a gift and I let go of the ends of the string, then the gift is in the other person’s hands and I have no more control over it. He/she may do with it whatever he/she wishes. Now that’s a true gift!

My mother modeled this principle well. She loved to make things with her hands—crocheting, knitting, needlepoint, petit point, and tatting. I remember one year she knitted a sweater and presented it to me. Honestly? It looked ghastly awful on me. The neckline was way too large, and it hung on me like a sack. But as she handed it to me she said these life-giving words:  I enjoyed making it; I’ve had my fun; you’re welcome to do with it as you wish. It’s yours.

I gave it away with no guilt or regret, and it blessed the person who actually wanted it.


One thought on “Gifts with Strings

  1. I think I’ve always had issues with giving away a gift given to me from someone as a betrayal of their gesture of kindness or love. That may be why I find myself overwhelmed with “stuff”. Who will ever come to my house and ask where their gift is? But I think it “could” happen.

    Oh for the woulda, shoulda, couldas that we could dispose of that never happen. It’s crazy how we put ourselves into bondage.


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