Witnessing a la 1970s

From my 2009 Journal. I am a witness (noun) if I’ve observed something like a murder or an accident. I take the witness (adjective) stand, and I relate what I witnessed (verb). In church circles we use the term “witness to someone” like it’s an action verb done to or toward someone. It’s always had the feeling to me of an obligation, duty, responsibility, or sin if I don’t do this activity. “Their blood is on your head” one preacher told us if you don’t use every opportunity to force your belief system onto the heathen (well, probably not his exact words, but that’s how it felt).

I think “if/when the Holy Spirit prompts me” is a better approach to sharing my faith. In my legalistic days I often lamented that I didn’t have more converts to add to my scalping belt. How horrible! Where did we get the notion that we are in any way better than someone else because our numbers are higher than theirs! What arrogance. It is not us but God who calls, woos, draws, and saves.

So what is my part then? To live a holy life and, when the Spirit prompts, open my mouth and draw people to the Light. There is no glory there for Karen. I’m just the messenger girl, the stretcher-carrier, the candle-holder.

How have your views of evangelism changed over the years?

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