A Lost Fitbit

From my 2015 Journal. With spring in the air, I grabbed my camera and set off for a walk in the woods with my Fitbit (a Christmas gift from my husband) secured to my shoelaces. At one point I left the path and tramped through some weeds to get a close-up photograph of a bird-shaped branch. When I returned to the path, chagrined, I discovered my shoelaces were untied. Though I retraced my steps, regrettably I could not locate my fitness tracker among the heavy, wet leaves. How could I admit to my dear husband that I’d lost his thoughtful gift?

I finished the trail and returned to the cabin where I was staying with some friends. They could tell I was upset, but I just shook my head when one of them offered to search for my missing device. “Impossible to find,” I said. But she insisted, so I told her the general direction I’d gone. About 20 minutes later, she returned with my Fitbit in hand. Astonished, I said, “How did you find it?”

“I just asked the Lord to tell me when to look down,” and when I heard, “Now!” there it was lying in plain sight on the path!”

This incident is a reminder to me that I am in God’s hands—every little detail of my life. If I had not found my device, His character would not have changed. But the blessing of finding it confirms that I’m His spoiled child. He delights in giving me good things.

2 thoughts on “A Lost Fitbit

  1. When my first husband died, he was buried without a funeral and I never visited the burial site. Two years later, I attended a funeral of a friend. As we were driving through the burial grounds where the funeral was being held, I happened to look out the window of the car. As I looked down, I saw my husband’s grave. I hadn’t prayed for it, and I don’t quite understand the reason for it, but I still consider that a miracle.

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