To Give or Not to Give?

Do right till the stars fall—just do right. (Dr. Bob Jones, Sr.)

stars-sky-background_23-2147493609.jpgSome people love it; I find it a chore. Coming up with gift ideas for Christmas each year for the family just sends me into a tizzy. One year I finally got smart and relegated that task to husband Scott and daughter Sharon whose love languages include gift-giving. Now everyone is happy!

I realized something about myself, though, and I don’t like what I see. I have a stingy streak in me—born, I’m sure, out of forced frugality—but when it continues even if there are resources, it speaks ill of my character. I made a decision some time ago not to give a gift when I should or could have. Now that I’m convicted about it, it feels very awkward to go back and give it. What to do? Pride wants to save face. Honesty hurts. I feel bad—ashamed—and don’t know how to rectify it.

Jesus says, “It’s never too late to do right.”

2 thoughts on “To Give or Not to Give?

  1. Just say, I would like to give you this gift, I know it is long over due, but I hope it is something that you will enjoy. I think sometimes people don’t even notice if you give them something to not. If they give you something they may just enjoy the, “ it is more blessed to give than to receive thought “


  2. Your gift of giving is through your hospitality. You have faithfully been exercising this gift since the day I met you in CJ6. It’s really great how, by design, our paths have crossed. I dare say that if it hadn’t been for Gayle Pardue, I would not have met you….well, maybe in FMF, but we did not have classes together nor did we have mutual friends. Look at how rich our lives have been since those days. Blessings on you, dear friend.


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