Sing with Me


From my 2008 Journal. You know what I miss? The focus of music in some churches has shifted from the sound of the congregation’s voices blending in harmony under the leadership of a song leader or musician—to a group of performers on stage. Now I know they’re not called “performers” and I know that’s not their intention, but . . . I personally find it a little distracting to watch what’s happening on stage. Critiquing performance is my natural tendency instead of focusing inward and upward. I know that my focus needs to be on God, and I know that I can become distracted by any number of things—so sometimes I just have to shut my eyes during worship.

I also acknowledge that the temptation with singing old familiar hymns led by a choir director is to sing with the lips and not from the heart. I get that. I know it’s not what’s happening on the stage that counts, but what’s in my heart. But certain environments are just more conducive to worship for me than others. We recently visited a liturgical church where the organist, hidden out of sight, led the congregational singing. I could hear my own voice blending in harmony with the voices around me. I found the experience quite refreshing.

Okay, I’ve said my piece. Now let’s sing!

4 thoughts on “Sing with Me

  1. I love liturgical services, because it’s not about the choir, but the service. My daughter’s Anglican church has the choir up in the back, where you can’t see them; my Orthodox church has no organ, and just the choir. Some of the Church music is so stunning and I just cry, because my heart can actually hear the words and just sing along. I get distracted with modern worship music, too, but I like what your church does.


  2. Thanks again Karen for reminding us what is so important in worship – our hearts! I do sometimes miss the old hymns and we have a piano at home with lots of music books, so can have a jolly good sing of our old favourites which are full of doctrine, awe and wonder too. Sometimes in church the music can get too loud and if I am finding that it irritates me, I just go out for a bit while the worship is on so that I don’t become critical. However, I do enjoy a lot of the modern songs of worship when I know the words well enough to close my eyes and just focus on God. There is such an uplifting sense of God’s presence when we are lost in wonder, love and praise. Our various bands (there are rotas so not the same people have to be on stage every time) truly seek to worship the Lord and bring us closer to Him. We are indeed blessed with people who are worshipping and not just playing/singing as a performance!


    • Ahhh. So sweet. Thank you for the affirmation. I journal because I have to. It’s how I process all the questions my brain keeps bringing up. I journal for myself, and it amazes me that someone else actually wants to read this stuff! I guess it has to do with being human and our lives matter and you matter.


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