Food—It Does a Body Good

I know someone who analyzes every bite that goes into her mouth. She obsesses over fat and sugar and red meat and raw vegetables. I wonder if she’ll live any longer or have a better quality of life as a result? I doubt it. She’s riddled with fears and physical and emotional pain.

I remember my mother commenting on the food fads in American each time we came home on furlough: one year it was sugar-free, then fat-free, and now it’s gluten-free. One year we were informed that we should eat potato skins to get the most nutrients, and the next time we were admonished to pitch them because of all the toxins. At one time egg yolks were verboten, and now it’s acceptable. Will someone please make up their mind!

My mother taught me to have moderation and balance in all things. It doesn’t mean I’m totally and perfectly moderate in my eating habits. I just don’t worry too much if I eat a piece of sugar occasionally or enjoy a steak now and then. God gave us food to enjoy, and as long as we don’t make food our god, I think we can relax and live with an eye to the eternal.

Describe your relationship with food.potatoes

2 thoughts on “Food—It Does a Body Good

  1. Talk about weird trigger issues, the whole subject around food — what’s “good”, what’s “bad”, what’s black and white — is way too difficult. I learned to count carbs, and not worry about calories. I’ve learned to eat “healthy,” with proper portion sizes, while giving myself permission to have a treat from time to time.

    Moderation in all things is a good thing.


  2. Amen sister! It’s all gonna kill us one day. Eggs are now the best thing ever to eat and have SO much protein that we should consume them on a daily basis. I have gotten to the place where sweets are harder to turn away. How did that happen? I now have to consciously say no, whereas before it was not an issue. Maybe it comes with age. I once had a friend who would dessert first…in case the Lord returned.


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